Our finest coffee is roasted in the traditional Italian style dating back many generations.
The Beans

Caffè Bomrad is produced using only 100% Arabica beans. As we know,
there are two botanical species of coffee plants: the Coffea Arabica (widely
known as Arabica) and the Coffea Canephora var. Robusta (widely known as
Robusta). Although Robusta presents certain advantages relative to Arabica,
such as resistance to diseases and growing in much lower altitudes than
Arabica, its main characteristics in terms of aroma, acidity and flavor are
much less intense than those of the Arabica beans. Consequently, Arabica
beans are more expensive than Robusta beans. If we also consider that
Robusta contains 30% more caffeine than Arabica, we understand why
Robusta is mainly used as a component of cheap commercial coffees,
including instant coffee.

The Roasting

Caffè Bomrad roasts its beans using the traditional Italian way.
Roasting the beans liberates a fragrant oily substance, called coffeol.
Actually, coffeol is not oil; otherwise it wouldn’t be soluble in water.
Intuitively, we know that the longer we keep the bean in the roaster,
the darker the color, the more coffeol rise to the surface, the more
sugars are burned and the woody bean turns dryer and bitter.
Fortunately, the most accepted way to describe roast is not technical
jargon, but using nationalities as a reference: French roast is the
darkest of all roasts, Italian is less dark than French, but darker
than Viennese,in turn darker than American roast, which is the least
dark of all.