Our finest coffee is roasted in the traditional Italian style dating back many generations.
About us

My name is Marcelo Bomrad-Casanova; I started drinking coffee when
I was a child, growing up in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires. To me it
signified freedom, a rush of happiness and power. More importantly,
it also meant family and love.
My grand-father, Luigi Nicola Casanova, after leaving his native Italian
Piedmont for the Argentine’s Pampas in the early 1900’s, roasted the
finest coffee beans from Colombia and neighbor Brazil, just as
a hobby for his own personal consumption and to share with his
friends and family.

As an Italian-Argentinean, I always had an interest in coffee, indeed
a passion for it, but pursued classic business career, before in the
summer of 2009 turning to my passion.

A lifelong and true coffee lover, I decided to set out to produce,
position and market, the best coffee in the world. To achieve that,
only the best Arabica beans will be used independently of their
geographical origin, and they will be roasted and packed in Italy,
using the most traditional techniques.

While I launched Caffè Bomrad recently, I believe in the tradition
of the most ancestral Italian practices of roasting coffee. I hope that
my coffee will bring your joy and pleasure; I am looking forward
to your feedback and perhaps to one day sharing a cup of coffee
with you.